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The Need of The Hour to Manage Physical Meetings

Meet in person always remain highly and virtual meetings cannot replace it. Meet in person is still vital and essential and we can host it with today’s required social distance protocol but only if we have a smart system. We found this need and started to develop a solution to Manage SAFE, SMART, SECURE physical meetings, and finally developed MEEPASS That makes meetings maater we Know that People are interested to live in screen these days.But when the times come back and a need comes to gather again physically MEETPASS can just make it happen

Make Physical Meetings Smart

Meet Pass is one of the latest frameworks offering a safe and effective way to schedule, organize and archive physical meetings. Meet Pass aims at fostering transparency, streamlining enforcement and harmonizing management priorities, Meet Pass, The meeting management application delivers the magic of connecting and communicating.

Turn your meetings into knowledgeable assets.

Meeting is the heartbeat of business to make anything to everything. We believe that with a conscience, companies can succeed with a soul to learn and grow, through meetings. That’s why we have developed a system that brings together technology, value, and social responsibility to help companies physical meetings grow better every day.