A Goverment Of India Approved Enterprise, Registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, CIN- U74999UP2016PLC088641

Eco Shakti Industries

Eco Shakti Industries work in rural areas in different sector like Fishing, Goat farming, Commercial farming Grain Production and distribution in U.P. other farming functions as well. Our work is to provide financial support to farmers for farming measures and provide convenient method for better quality productions. ECO SHAKTI group is one of the leading industrial group in farming projects. We are generating valuable milestones for upgrading the agricultural efforts. Eco Shakti group operates in farming, breeding and plantation. We are also providing financial help for farmers and promoting them to doing eco-friendly business .Our aim is to generate maximum business range from agricultural field. Our major works are cultivation and breeding of animals, plants and fungi for food, fiber & bio fuel. We are adding latest industrial techniques in our farms for 100% output with zero risk. We are also moving on milk farming projects to ensuring the need of fresh milk in your home. We know the value of natural resources in real world.

Grain Production and distribution in U.P.

India is an agriculturally important country. Two-thirds of its population is engaged in agricultural activities. Agriculture is a primary activity, which produces most of the food that we consume. Besides food grains, it also produces raw material for various industries.

Eco Shakti Natural Tea

Eco Shakti Natural Tea is brand of Eco Shakti Tea which is packed and marketed by us in U.P and West Bengal. This product has medium range in price with 240gm to 1kg packs .We market this product with distributor channel .


Fish farming

Fish farming or pisciculture involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures such


Goat farming

Goat farming is the raising and breeding of domestic  Goat farming can be very suited to production with other such as sheep and cattle on low-quality grazing land. Goats efficiently convert sub-quality grazing matter that is less desirable for other livestock into quality lean meat. Furthermore, goats can be farmed with a relatively small area of pasture and limited resources.


Commercial farming

Commercial farming is a type of farming in which crops are grown for commercial use only. It is a modernized method of farming that is undertaken on a large scale. In this type of farming the large land, labor and machines are used. It also includes all types of farming which are profitable in different farming sector according to govt. guidelines in different times.


Electronics Store

We are also dealer of several electronic brands L.G,Godrez , Samsung,Eye Line ,Voltas  manufacturer of domestic electronics products such as T.V, Refrigerator ,Washing Machine , Invertor etc. Eco Store is our store which deals with our rural and urban customers of electronics products . We also finance these products on EMI basis.


Business Covered by different division

Division Business Approx. T.O /Month
Grain Production & Marketing 45% 5-7 Lakh
Farming 35% 4-6 Lakh
Electronics Division 15% 1-2 Lakh
Natural Tea 15% 1-2 Lakh
Total 100% 11-15 Lakh